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This course is presented by Mr Andrew Barge, an Information Governance manager for the NHS for over 10 years.

The course also provides downloadable resources e.g. policy templates, that you can use in your practice. Please note: these templates are for guidance only and we cannot accept responsibility for them. 


Please ensure you have your speakers or headphones on during the course.

After completing the course, successful completion of the quizzes will create your CPD certificate in the My E-Learning section of your account.

Verifiable CPD hours = 2



To inform your responsibilities in relation to Information Governance.



The course will show users how:

• To ensure staff can work efficiently, effectively and securely whilst handling Personal Confidential Data.

• To ensure that staff understand the importance of implementing Information Governance (IG) in a compliant but practical way.

• Understand the latest data protection legislation and Data Security and Protection Toolkit requirements

• Be aware of what is required from Data Protection Officers


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course users will:

• be aware how to handle personal data effectively and securely

• how to implement IG in a compliant way, e.g. notify data breaches, review data flows, and follow policies.

• understand what is required to comply with current data protection legislation

• Be aware of the role of Data Protection Officers


GDC Development Outcomes covered: A, B, D


Plan Name Price
1 Year: £ 75.00


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